Here's Our Story

Our business is professional photofinishing. Candid Color Systems, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, produced and shipped its first photographs in 1972. Just last year, we fulfilled over 2,000,000 orders including prints and photo products from thousands of special events across the country…races, parties, high school and college graduations, weddings, and sporting events. We are new to fundraising, but thrilled to get involved.

We are family-owned and in our professional photo production lab we employ about 200 fantastic, hard-working people….and nearly all of them have pets. Four hundred and twenty two pets to be exact….a lot of them rescues.

Our Animal Connection
On top of employing lots of pet lovers, the eldest daughter of the owner of our company, is the founder of our local humane society. She is a tremendous animal rights advocate. We are all very proud of her work, and want to do whatever we can to help in her campaign to save more animal lives. As tax exempt non-profits, humane societies and animal rescues need all the help they can get. Funds are tight and resources even tighter

Pics Saving Pets

With that in mind, we established Pics Saving Pets™…a website where you can purchase great products to announce the adoption of a new pet into your family. Even more products are available to celebrate any pet…whether newly adopted or a long-time family member. All products are produced with a picture of your pet that you upload to this site. Plus, your purchases go a long, long way to help your local humane society or animal rescue in its life-saving campaign.

Cool, Pet-Customized Products

Buy adoption announcements, graphic prints, coffee mugs, magnets, and more. All will be produced featuring a picture of your pet that you already have and upload to this site. Many of our products can be customized further with your pet's name, your family name, and your pet's special adoption date. Plus, your purchases support the cause! The more you buy, the more you help to stop animal abuse, abandonment, and euthanasia in your community. Click here to browse our products.


Does your humane society or local shelter need help, too?
If you are a 501(c) humane society or animal rescue, we'd like to help you, too. There is absolutely no cost to your organization. Just click here to provide us the information we need to get started helping you to save more lives. Then we will be in touch.

What We Know:


Each year 5-7 million pets
enter shelters

3-4 million pets are put down

One dies every 8 seconds

To spay or neuter a dog or cat
averages about $40

It costs $150 to shelter one animal
for one week

Your local shelter or humane society
needs your help

We are supporting the cause!