Letter from Central Oklahoma Humane Society


At OK Humane, we are always looking for new ways to raise funds for our many animal-saving projects. Our newest fundraising partnership is with Pics Saving Pets™, a program that will likely save many animal lives across the U.S.A.

Creating gift items with your pets' pictures on them as a fundraising effort is a new and unique concept. And, the fact that 50% of the retail dollars you spend goes back to your choice of pet charities… well, it's amazing.

I encourage you to browse through the products. The adoption announcements are especially adorable for new pet owners. There are tote bags, iphone covers, magnets, more. All are professionally produced with your pet's picture on them.

Thank you for your love of animals and life support of humane organizations everywhere.

Now, go shop!

Christy Counts
Central Oklahoma Humane Society